Three aspects of good notebook

First, the battery avoid common
using a laptop computer, laptop battery should be completely used up to laptop can't boot levels, then in case of shutdown, fully charged 4-6 hours. (In principle, the best don't charge power to work, this will extend the charging time, even if the charge for 4 hours, although 100% is displayed, it may be virtual, so advocates pure charging method. ) Best remove the battery charger, if conditions permit, usually direct lighting power, once enabled, battery, stick to run out of storage after filling. Long-term stability of such batteries will work.
Second, bogey free laptop repair screen "wipes" screen is the main interactive
reflector, it allows you to monitor computer activities. But LCD screen up and decides she is fragile, especially the surface. Users often say words while working surface there will surely be some stains, some users will at first take the time to care for, but no times will be a wave of the hand, directly to erase. This inadvertently, it will scratch the screen, less obvious at first, but I've seen, it appears, such as color, light and shade representation and some scratches. Is the best way: with a clean soft cloth is neither oily nor stimulate neutral liquids, gently wipe the screen surface, then wipe dry with a dry soft cloth. Avoid fight so long
III, the CD drive/> many friends to go out to meet and travel often with "books", one can take it in the car entertainment, moreover can prepare materials, but most people can still look at the disc and listen to music. The useful life of the optical drive is stifled. Named because of the laptop in a compact, optical drive is also a member, it is a big heat. Laser head life of a long-term slump and computer premature aging of the organism overheating the interior plastic parts. The best way is: CD, VCD copying to the hard drive of their choice, so enjoy both reduce heat, also extended the "books" of life. BACK

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