Computer memory corruption can lead to a number of faults

As the administrator of your computer, you need three rooms of the school inspection and maintenance of all computer, to ensure the normal usage of computer teaching in schools. For the PC in the school room, because they are teaching, so not many faults in hardware damage, mostly software or system failure, even if there is hardware failure, 80% above all because of too much dust Goldfinger or part Oxidation caused by bad contact, generally the fittings for dedusting and removal of oxides to solve the problem. But sometimes also come across some "gotcha" needed to be addressed. Today, a machine troubleshooting trouble the author, cause of the failure is actually the memory.
rooms have a computer configured to Celeron 1.2GHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 30GB hard drive, operating system Windows 98. One damaged machine, failure to boot after a few long, alarm sound, no display on the screen. I open the case, found close to the CPU and memory has a lot of dust. I think that certainly is the dust to blame, the author skillfully with a small brush and Tiger to dust the computer, and pull down memory, clean the dust in the memory and memory slots, Goldfinger clean memory install memory back up.
after power on, the machine starts normally, I think failure is so easily solved, long sigh, ready to check for other computers. At this time, the machine was "tick" automatically restart with a! I wonder what's going on? Looking at computer shows Windows 98 system splash screen, and watch the startup screen, scroll, and after about two minutes, the computer is still at the starting screen, press the NumLock led, did not respond, the machine crashed again. I think that system files have a problem? Afterwards, the author used to cold boot the computer, power on press and hold the Ctrl key in the boot menu, select "safe mode" system into safe mode. I think the system into safe mode, the hardware should not be a problem, most likely is the problem of system files.
so, I took out the machine from the CD package's Ghost disc to start the computer, hard drive quick formatted all partitions, and c drive recovery again with the Ghost. The cloning process is going well, completed cloning using only a three-minute time. System to boot from the hard drive, I thought this would smooth entry into the system, but did not think failure is still. What's going on? Cloning has never occurred immediately after the crash, this clone but I specifically tailored for this computer, there could be no system errors.
have no choice, I try focusing on restart and hold down the Ctrl key, select and again in "safe mode". Just pick up the mouse moves a bit, but suddenly the monitor video corruption, wherever the mouse was dragged out of colored stripes, I see this situation immediately concluded that, most likely I just clean up clean up dust when not taken down the video, that video starts "mess up". So, I turned off the computer, open the case again, removed video card, AGP slot with a small brush meticulously cleaned again, and clean up the graphics and Goldfinger, reinstall and turn it on.
machine and "defective" starts with a, but I still can't relax, and see whether this is normal access to the Windows System. Sure enough, worry about things happening again: the computer displays the Windows 98 system splash screen not long after another crash. This time, the author has had to reconsider the cause of the failure. Arguably, the machine can be checked by safe mode and was able to enter the system, hardware should not be a big problem, and software is just a clone of the new system, but why doesn't enter the system? At this point, I suddenly thought: displays video corruption occurs only once in the Windows system, then video card should have little possibility of damage, and in this case, memory, and motherboard is the greatest "suspects". The machine can't even get into the Windows operating system, has enough memory or motherboard may be damaged.
, starting from the replace the memory, the author will be the memory of the machine pull down, remove a piece from another machine with model 128MB replacement, unexpectedly, had successfully entered the system of the machine, run a few common software without any problems. Entire fault, memory was that to blame.
this fault can be identified as a memory on a memory chip failed, cannot spend back into Windows system and monitor screens. If you want to repair, make sure you detect defective memory chips, and then replaced. Through the experience of the authors of the paper, to tell you: on fault detection cannot only look at the surface, the system can be checked by not means the hardware does not fault, unable to enter the operating system may not be software problems, monitor video corruption is not necessarily graphics in "trouble" should learn to think more failure causes and solutions. BACK

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