Sound too loud to do?

The reason and elimination: may be caused by several reasons. First card is not correct, sound card is not integrated with motherboard expansion slot close, visible through the Visual on the sound card "Goldfinger" malposition with the expansion slot Reed. This phenomenon on the ISA or PCI card, belonging to the common faults and find ways to plug the sound card is to resolve the problem. Second, active speaker input terminal connected to the Speaker output on your sound card, Line-Out end of the active speaker should be connected to the sound card, it amplified on the output signal without a sound card, much less noise. Some sound cards, only one output, it is a Line-Out or a Speaker to be decided by jumpers on the card, the default method is often a Speaker, so if need be, have to unplug the sound card to adjust the jumpers. The third bad sound card driver version that is installed, you may use the system's drivers, if this is the case, it is best to install special drivers for your sound card. If the driver is already installed with Windows, and optional "→ Control Panel → System → Device Manager sound, video and game controllers", the device, select "properties → → change → driver drivers install from disk". Insert the disk or CD that came with your sound card, install a manufacturer-supplied driver. BACK

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