Notebook daily cleaning tips

A, and screen showed that of that layer plastic can opening off you
this layer plastic of main purpose is placed in shipment and show process in the LCD screen was designated injury or was dirty, and Dang you has put it buy home zhihou, this layer plastic of mission even completed has, usually note using habits can, or you will every day face with picture poor and also will reflective of screen work has, and itself also effect beautiful.
Second, the screen is dirty the cleaning
If only dust, then use the air try to blow away the dust, then wipe clean with a moist, soft cloth, soft cloth to dry, otherwise water may cause damage to the screen in the screen surface into the ignition coil. If greasy or hard to remove stains you can purchase special cleaner to clear LCD screen, remember not to use detergent without quality assurance, or corrosive chemicals such as alcohol can cause damage to the screen. Now there is selling something called "3M SI high dry bright" screen cloth, roll of honor, dust on the screen can be drawn into the cloth without our usual gray-how to clean wipe and clean result.
three, and keyboard dirty has the how clean? (ASUS notebook maintenance)
keyboard showed that of clean just with wet of soft cloth can, for keyboard base board Shang of dust is must to will key Cap one by one removed to clean, as long as with flat screwdriver in key cap of a angle gently up a pry, key cap on can take down has, certainly action to carefully so as not to will key cap or bracket pry broken.
four, and using power need put battery removed you
General notebook computer of charging design are is in power below 95% only will charging of, and due to natural loss of exists, so for battery of loss, removed and not removed Basic are is same of, so whether removed depending on habits and set, if removed recommends will battery package in preservation film within and placed Yu dry cool at, and remember 1 months around at least using a times battery and charging, to avoid battery lost activity.

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