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General diagnostic differences between graphics card and memory failure

Power or setting
current motherboard provides advanced power management features a lot, save energy, sleep ON NOW, and so on, but some of the graphics card and motherboard conflict some of the power features, could lead to a Windows video corruption phenomena.
case: above the machine, began to doubt in the debugging process is a power supply failure, changes power settings especially related to the VIDEO settings in the CMOS, boot into Windows after Windows98 into 256 colors, also prompted to install a new driver. The machine has been properly installed using Windows98 for half a year, are clearly failures due to basic errors, rather than follow the Windows instructions "to install a new driver" to exclude.
analysis and resolution; as was the CMOS power option is changed immediately after entering the Windows problem, so there's no trouble knows is the effect of power supply options. But if other circumstances, may be more difficult to think about it. Suggest you not displayed properly when note CMOS power impact, if it is changed a setting, set it to factory default values if it is just machine problems, can factory default values in the energy saving, prohibit trying ON NOW or something fancy.

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