Maintenance knowledge

Screen abnormal noise or pattern

Such failures are usually due to the graphics card's memory problems or the video card and the motherboard caused by poor contact. Mr Kazin concludes finger cleaning required part or replace the video card.
video driver is missing:
graphics driver loaded driver automatically lost after running for some time, this kind of fault is generally due to video quality is poor or not compatible video card and the motherboard, graphics card temperature is too high, which causes the system to run
stability or panic, only to replace the video card.
in addition, there is a special case, used to be able to load the video driver, but after the video driver loads, panic when entering Windows. Other models of video cards can be replaced after loading the drivers, plug in
be resolved into the old video card. If it does not resolve this type of problem, then the registry failure, to restore the registry or reinstall the operating system.

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