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Memory is the most frequent computer failures in parts

Memory can be said to be in a computer failure is one of the most frequent components, due to memory failure have more directly, so we don't spend too much time in repair to determine fault source, normally if you replace a new memory, if the machine can start and stable operation, which concluded that the memory had a problem. Currently on the market in the production of many manufacturers of memory, the price is relatively cheap for many, after the memory failure occurs we will normally choose to replace new memory solution. Actually some situation Xia, is not memory itself appeared has problem, but due to Board of quality not excellent or we often on memory article for plug pulled, led to memory slot deformation and occurred machine cannot started, and frequently panic, fault, next author on in using computer in the encountered of memory fault for simple of summary, has encountered following fault of friends may wish to according to author of method personally hands-on try try, may will to you with you unexpected of surprise.
a, and computer often blue screen panic, original are is memory slot provoked of curse
fault phenomenon: a Taiwan 2000 of assembled compatible machine, specific configuration following: Intel Celeron 1.1GHz processor (370 needle), Kingston 256M DDR266 memory, MSI 815PE Board, colorful Rainbow MX400 graphics, Seagate 40GB hard disk, Samsung DVD-ROM drive, using to now no appeared had any of problem. Recently I found the computer after a period of use the machine often appears a blue screen and the crash phenomenon, causes the computer to fail. Crash again after pressing the power switch sometimes does not start properly, machine alarm problem, Reseat the memory machine will be able to start normally, but uses blue screens or crashes still occur over time, about two hours or so. Blue screen error message on the screen as "Vxd, and Vmm (01) file error".

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