Maintenance knowledge

New capacitor of high voltage higher than the original, larger volume

New capacitor of high voltage higher than the original, so are larger, less installation, location next to the need to adjust the inductors. Welding capacitor, I did not load the CPU, try power, tried for a few minutes, temperature normal. Add CPU, power on, the screen immediately lit up. So I tried it a few times, and pay attention to the temperature of the capacitor. Capacitance temperature normal, but from power point as if hundreds of milliseconds slower than normal, some estimated 4500 μg f capacitance metamorphic. But finally was able to use, call for hours in a row without problems, even if this is fixed! A Board of hundreds of Yuan, and two capacitors to 2, so maintenance is quite valuable.
from the above examples can be seen, many motherboard failure is caused by power supply, many failures are accompanied by fever, as long as the watch, still be able to find clues. But following this example there is no direct external clues to look for, and some dead horses when, feeling.

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