Maintenance knowledge

In general are due to charged plug system connectors

(1) the Board is burnt out. General are due to charged plug connector in the system or in a circuit caused by short circuit between the power supply, then using static resistance measurement method. If any input/output pin and the power to direct or conduction (apart from the original circuit,) are breakdown; if two similar input pin or output pin of the resistor values there are very obvious differences, in General, is failure. Note: for burned-out maintenance is not easy to replace burned out the motherboard components, and should examine many elements associated with this until the short circuit fault elimination and trouble-free components can be tested.
(2) system configuration parameter is incorrect.
this type of problem by resetting the system configuration parameters, but if the configuration parameters are not set or are not saved when the system configuration parameters, it should be removed from the battery, CMOS RAM chip, CMOS RAM power supply circuit and read and write circuit in a bid to find the cause.

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