Maintenance knowledge

Keyboard connector on the system board cannot be used

Received Shang a good keyboard, boot since check Shi appeared tips "Keyboard Interface Error" Hou panic, pulled Xia keyboard, again insert Hou and can normal started system, using a time Hou keyboard no reaction, this phenomenon main is times pulled plug keyboard caused Board keyboard interface loose, split Xia Board with iron again welding good can; also may is charged pulled plug keyboard, caused Board last insurance electric blocking has (in Board Shang mark for Fn of things), for Shang a 1 ohm/ 0.5 w resistor.
integrated display adapter on the motherboard
in General, the computer powers on a few noise, most motherboard memory is not plugged in or display adapter. Great Wall computer, boot 8 noise, determines whether the display adapter. Open the chassis found on the display adapter is integrated on the motherboard, and there is no motherboard manual. In view of this situation, to look closely at the jumpers on the motherboard labeled, and masks out the integrated display device on the system board and well displayed in expansion slot troubleshooting card (some motherboards may be to CMOS settings to enable or disable this feature).
integrated on the motherboard of the printer and damage
brand and more than most of the 486 computer printer parallel port, are integrated in the motherboard, using machine electric plug cable printer signal most port on the motherboard is damaged. Encounter a similar situation, you can view the motherboard manual, through the "prohibit or allow the parallel port on the motherboard functions" jumper settings "screen" port on the motherboard functions. Another is shielded by the CMOS settings and ISA expansion slot with a multifunction card.

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