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ADSL lights are also out of network

ADSL light, light is the most important "ADSL". ADSL line is no problem when the light should be green. But some users in the "ADSL" led is normal when off line, and restart the MODEM just fine. This situation often occurs in the absence of a proxy server, router is not set fire to the walls or above of Internet users, why is that? Because in the ADSL MODEM has a "10Base-T", this is a local area network, is actually a HUB port. Although port of 10M, but only hundreds of kbit/s ADSL's upstream bandwidth. If a user internal LAN ADSL directly HUB,HUB to the following client within the network of many packets will take regardless of the ADSL ADSL upstream channel, ADSL cannot control LAN broadcast storm, such as uplink transmission capacity over ADSL, the packet will be loaded into the cache of ADSL, if the amount of data continues to increase, buffer overflows, resulting in ADSL "resting" phenomenon. Restart the MODEM. Solution is that funds are not too strong proxy server that users can do a dual-NIC (be sure to double network card), so you can cut off direct communication between the MODEM and the LAN, to avoid such problems. User is best to use a firewall or router.

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