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Adjusting the integrated video card memory to improve graphics performance

Drag the slider left, gradually adjust and then observe its effects is appropriate. When you find the right graphics core frequency or frequency, click "Applv" button, so that the graphics card is transferred to the new frequency starts working.
adjust the integrated video memory, upgrading video card performance
in the BIOS settings to adjust the AGP Aperture Size size, you can change the size of the existing. User can according to their own needs, to configure the onboard video existing. Of course there are lots of onboard video memory using the "dynamic" mode, it will demand different requests to the system partition of memory space.
specific methods are as follows: to start your computer, enter the motherboard BIOS, select "Advanced BIOS Features" option in the "Advanced BIOS Features" page, select "AGP Aperture Size" option, you can make adjustments to the onboard video memory, 16M, 32M, 64M and 128M. Users can choose according to their individual needs. Integration Board regulation of single and dual channel memory
CPU frequency and memory frequency are the two important indicators of Board performance. For integrated motherboard supports dual channel memory, memory bandwidth is sufficient, performance bottlenecks, mainly from CPU, so an appropriate increase in CPU frequency will lead to higher performance. And for those only support single channel memory of integration collection Board, they of performance bottleneck from memory bandwidth, and not CPU, so will memory frequency appropriate improve will more reasonable
reasonable set integrated sound card save system resources
through simple set integrated sound card, can effective of save system resources, like: in Windows operating system in the close "volume control" in the of StoreWide or 3D Depth two a option, to reduced CPU occupied rate, Improve system efficiency.
specific methods are as follows: the right lower leg of the desktop, double-click the "volume" icon to open the "volume control" window, click "choose"-"property", "StoreWide" and the "3D Depth" check later, click "OK".
for integrated graphics, integrated audio noise reduction
, because of his own technical restrictions, all music will be flawed, and simple to set up, as much as possible so that it outputs sound more pleasant. Friends usually do not use the computer to listen to CD, MIC and CD can be shielded so as to avoid noise.
specific methods are as follows: the right lower leg of the desktop, double-click the "volume" icon to open the "volume control" window, click "choose"-"property", "CD-ROM" and "MIC PHONE" check later, click "OK".

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